French fries machinery

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Are you looking for potato chips making machinery? Do you need a complete solution for the entire production and packaging process of potato chips, snacks, nuts and extruded products?

At TJF, we have the latest technology for the production of potato chips in batches... and we put it at your service wherever you need it.

From the storage and washing of the potatoes to their final packaging, our batch frying line completes the whole process to obtain top quality French fries.

At TJF we assemble all machines and ship them to their destination (worldwide) with our own technicians team. Once there, we take care of helping you to install them correctly and, afterwards, we supervise their optimal operation.

Why choose TJF?

Our French fries machines are present in more than 18 countries.

We work with the latest 3D design technology in the market.

You can complete the whole production and packaging process with a single line.

We have a personalized customer service: we will be by your side before, during and after the process to solve all your doubts.

We also have second-hand machinery adapted to all budgets.

This is how our machinery for the French fries production in batches works

1. Warehouse

First, we start with the storage of the product to regulate its entry into the production line. For this we can use:

2. Washing

We then subject the potatoes to a bath to remove stones and mud from their surface in order to preserve our peeler and/or cutter and offer a higher quality product.

3. Peeled

Next, we peel the potato. The peeler chosen will depend on the production we need. We can even choose to put two peeling machines in parallel to improve the process in our batch frying machinery.

4. Inspection

Once the tuber has left the peeling process, it passes through a tape where it is visually located and eliminates any damage it may have.

5. Cut

On the cutter, we can adjust the thickness of the sheets with great precision without even having to stop the machinery. This is another benefit of working with batch frying machinery.

6. Starch removal

To eliminate the starch produced during cutting and thus better conserve the oil in the fryer, it is best to use a water bath and then ventilated to evacuate excess water before frying.

7. Fryer feeding

Once the product has been removed from the washer, we transport it to the fryers by means of a fast or alternative feeding belt, depending on the number of fryers we have to feed (one line can feed up to two fryers). TFJ will advise you on the best batch frying machinery for your case.

8. Filtering

The fryers are accompanied by a pressurized filter and a reservoir to accumulate the oil at the end of the day.

9. Frying

After frying, the chips are placed in a sieve where the crumbs are removed. When the chips come out of this sieve, a curtain of salt gives them the final touch.

10. Cooling

Then we must let them cool down for later packing. Mmmmmm! Good!

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