Destoning washer

Applications for the Destoning Washer

  • The destoning washer facilitates the separation of the land of potatoes and removing the stones, thus avoiding problems in the cutter.

Technical features for Destoning Washer

  • Destoning washer is provided with a tank, in which, the product immersed in the water is controlled by a level sensor, thus ensuring that at all times there is a constant flow of chips in said tank.
  • Incorporates a geared motor which drives an endless 350 mm in diameter and 2000 mm in length, whose purpose es to generate turbulence in the water which facilitates the stones, thus avoiding possible cutting problems.
  • The endless absorption also causes to raise the product from the tank to the stripper.
  • Built in stainless steel AISI-304.
  • Zone consists of a grid separated waste.
  • Float switch for power control.
  • Waste outlet 5 “.

Destpmomg Washer in automated process

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