Pellets frying machinery

Pellet frying line components

  • Storage hopper with bucket elevator and vibration feeder.
  • Adjustable product feeder to the fryer with hopper level.
  • Continuous automatic fryer for pellets.
  • Draining sieve.
  • Rotating drum for flavoring.
  • Doser and distributor of powdered and slightly granulated flavors.
  • Control panel.

Process for making pellets

The pellet production process begins with the storage of the pellets in the hopper. By means of vibration, we achieve a progressive advance of the product towards the elevator.

The elevator is in charge of transporting the product towards the entrance of the pellet fryer.

Once immersed in the fryer, the pellets advance continuously, remaining in the fryer for the time previously set on the control panel.

Depending on the characteristics and model, we can obtain a production of 100 Kg/h up to 350 Kg/h.

Then, the product is extracted through the elevator belt and is unloaded on the sieve. This, by means of vibratory movements, is in charge of removing the excess oil from the pellet.

As the product advances, we arrive at the entrance of the flavoring drum. At the same time that the pellet enters the drum through the sieve, so does the flavoring, which is introduced through the adjustable vibrating flavoring device.

Once in the flavoring drum, the product is mixed with the flavoring, thus having the product ready to be taken to the mouth. It’s that simple.

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