Who we are

For more than 50 years TJF S.A. is one of the leading companies in Spain manufacturing machinery for industries dedicated to the production and packaging of potatoe chips, snacks, dried fruits and food items processed by extrusion.

Our international advertising campaign has been launched by taking part in fairs and expositions in several different countries.

Great part of our success is due to our modular, independent and interchangeable machinery elements. In the last years the volume of our exports has surpassed 70% of our production.

Among other things, the constant effort from our technical staff to improve the quality of the machinery, combined with an agile and effective after-sales-service, have gained us the respect and appreciation of our clients, our most convincing advocates.

Commitment to quality

Every day we try to improve our quality system to offer our customers the best possible care and the best finished machines.

New technologies have given us a better way to introduce our products in the national and international market. We can say that TJF s.a. machines are working right now all arround the world.

Due to new Internet applications, we can:

  • New business strategies
  • New links to the client
  • A more humane and tracking based on the information
  • Customer Support.
  • Ampliación de negocio: nuevos mercados
  • Análisis de los mercados: competencia
  • Presencia activa y viva


Our company is the exclusive representative and distributor for the entire Iberian Peninsula and the Canary Islands of the following brands


Address: CherkassyElevatorMash 18018 7a Khimikov avenue, Cherkassy, UKRAINE
Phone: +38 0472 642052, +38 0472 642418
E-mail: bronto@bronto.ua
Website: www.bronto.ua

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