Potato cutter

Applications for the Centrifugal Cutter 1500

  • The cutter is responsible for performing various types of cut: sliced smooth, corrugated and straw from 0.50 mm to 4 mm.
  • The cutter is supplied with mounted cutting equipment and other parts for smooth cutting, a box of knives and tools needed for replacement.

Technical features for Centrifugal Cutter 1500

  • The centrifugal cutter is made totally in stainless steel AISI-304, but the body is built in bronze alloy. 
  • It is designed for any kind of potatoes or tubers. 
  • Cuts from 0.50 mm to 4 mm, sliced smooth, corrugated and straw.
  • Optional: Second cut for straw potatoes.
  • The cutting thickness adjustment is performed without stopping the cutter.
  • The 1,5 CV motor is variable speed, by an electronic speed controller.
  • Control cabinet incorporates resistant to water washout.

Automated process cutter

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