Potato conveyor

Applications for the Inspection Conveyor

  • Inspection conveyor is used especially in preserved potato line. In it, a personal computer is responsible for removing potato defect it may have after the peeling process.
  • Applicable for all kinds of tubers and vegetables.

Technical features of Inspection Conveyor

  • Inspection conveyor is made of stainless steel AISI-304 and white PVC conveyor approved for food.
  • Below, incorporates a waste collection tray.
  • The actuation of this film is conducted by a gear motor controlled by a built-electrical equipment placed at alcande operator.
  • The band is easily removable thanks to a tensioner that allows change without any difficulty.

Optional Inspection Conveyor

  • Stainless steel rollers. The help to better product display making this turn on itself and thus can appreciate the damage that the product may have.

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