Multihead weigher INOX 10 heads

Applications for the Multihead Weigher INOX 10 heads

  • Valid multihead weigher for weighing grain, sliced products, roll or irregular shapes such as seeds, coffee beans, peanuts, potato chips, chopped vegetables, biscuits, chocolate, nuts, pet food, ...

  • Also metal objects and other plastics.

  • Select the best combination of weight effectively, specifying the opening and closing speed of hopper depending on product weight.

Technical features for Multihead Weigher INOX 10 heads

  • The whole structure is made of stainless steel AISI-304.

  • Sealing mechanism that prevents dust and materials.

  • Digital automatic counting funcion.

  • PLC control system that provides stability and lower error rate.

  • Touch screen with menu in Spanish, English, Portuguese, ...

  • Channels, bins and baskets easily removable for cleaning.

  • Computed weight selection. Accuracy and speed.

  • Opening and closing speed of the buckets programmable according to the characteristics of the product.

Technical data for Multihead Weigher INOX 10 heads

  • Bag weight range: 10-6000 g according to product and model.

  • Accuracy: 0,1 - 1,5 g configurable by the customer.

  • Weight speed: 50 -140 heavy/min, depending on model.

  • Hopper capacity: 1.3 to 2.5 and 5 liters depending on model.

  • Underseat type: two per head.

  • PLC control system.

  • Operation panel: touch screen 7 " (10" optional).

  • Power/power: 220 V/1500W/50-60 Hz/9A.

  • Dimensions: 1400 (L) x 1130 (W) x 1120 (H).

  • Weight: 370 Kg.

  • Underseat opening system brushless motor, regulate allowing aperture range of hoppers.

Optional devices for Multihead Weigher INOX 10 heads

  • Weighing hopper concentration.

  • Nonstick embossed sheet.

- Valid especially for soft candy, chopped salad, frozen foods, ... Overall stuck viscous products.

  • Underseat type.

  • Can be combined in one packaging, tape dispenser and feeder.