Simple centrifuge

Applications for the Centrifugadora Simple

  • The Simple Centrifuge receive product line development, water extracted by centrifugation and redeposit the product line (can be integrated into any existing process).

Technical features of Simple Centrifuge

  • The Simple Centrifuge is made of stainless steel AISI-304. 

  • It consists of a body driven centrifuge with automatic operation by PLC.

  • The centrifugation time and instensity is configurable by the user.

  • Includes a power strip 2 m, a set of spin, a tape output Z of 2.5 m and an electrical control box.

  • Power consumption: 3 kW.

  • Air consumption: 700 l/h - 7 bar.

  • Production up to 800 Kg/h.