Peeler Continuous

Applications for the Peeler Continuous

  • The Peeler continuous receive product line development, abrasive peel it, and redeposit the product line (can be integrated into any existing process).

  • Can be used with both potato and carrot and with all kinds of tubers.

Technical features for Peeler Continuous

  • The Peeler continuous is constructed entirely of stainless steel AISI-304.

  • The production of the peeler continuous is up to 2000 Kg/h depending on model.

  • It has color touchscreen.

  • It is also equipped with variables speed drives configurables from the screen.

  • It is prepared to control the front and rear elements of input and product eviction.

  • Completely stripeed parameters user configurable.

  • It has an innovative system of separation of liquids and solids that are produced in the peeling, minimizing the problem of organic solid waste dumping into drains.

  • The water used in the peeling flow is adjustable and can be optionally reused.